Our Osmoset Kid…..Yuvraj

A Real Life Experience we are sharing with all of our viewers

A little child named- YUVRAJ born on 26th June 2018 at New Delhi .

During the birth,the little kid-Yuvraj was suffering from some serious complications of L.B.W ( Low Birth Weight ) as he was a Pre-Mature baby . The Worried parents rushed to Chennai with lots of hope & for better medical support & consultation as the kid was in a very critical condition. At that time, little Yuvraj was 20 days old only. His parents were very much disappointed after the Medical Consultation with some of the specialists in Chennai . With a broken heart ,Mr. Neeraj Kumar & Mrs Sangeeta came back to Delhi. Then they came to know about Dr. Ashok Chakraborty-Eminent Children & Neonatolists of South Delhi. Without wasting time ,they went to Dr. Chakraborty’s clinic with a lot of Hope. The little kid was struggling very badly and putting his best effort to survive. But Little Yuvraj’s best effort was not enough for his survival.

After thorough examination, Dr Ashok Chakraborty prescribed Little Yuvraj – Osmoset Powder.

His parents started using Osmoset Powder for Yuvraj with lots of Expectation and Hope. Little Yuvraj started to take Osmoset Powder almost 100gm in a day at the tender age of less than one month. Gradually his complications of LBW started reducing and he begins to enter into normal healthy life. Happy Parents conveyed their warm regards to Dr Chakraborty and continued Osmoset Powder as per the advised by Dr Chakraborty.
As on date, our Osmoset Kid-Yuvraj is taking Osmoset around 200gm/day along with normal food. Now, Yuvraj is finishing 3 years of age with a normal life style without any complications of LBW. Osmoset Powder saved Yuvraj’s life by minimizing the complications of LBW after his birth.

The above real life story is shared to us by the parents of Yuvraj-Mr. & Mrs. Kumar



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